Why your TikTok video has 0 views and how to fix this

It’s not typical for a TikTok video to have 0 views. Even those with very few followers will receive some views on their content. So, if your video has no views, there’s most likely an issue with the content.

The tweet above shows what TikTok videos look like with 0 views. However, don’t pay too much attention to what the tweet actually says, as this screenshot was taken during a time when the platform was experiencing a glitch. It isn’t the case at this current time that all accounts are experiencing 0 views. If you are, there’s likely an individual issue.

Occasionally, you might post a video to TikTok and notice that your views don’t increase. Checking back in an hour later, or a day later, and still you have 0 views. This isn’t normal. It isn’t a case that your video isn’t popular, instead something is blocking your content from being seen. After all, how else would you know if a video is unpopular?

Without anyone viewing the video, you’d never know if your content is good or bad. This is because you need people to have the chance to view it and swipe past it to know it isn’t particularly interesting. If your video has no views, it hasn’t been shown to any account. It hasn’t seen the For You Page. There’s likely a reason behind this.

Why does my TikTok video have 0 views?

Don’t be disheartened if your video has 0 views. Understandably, if it’s your first one, you might feel no one wants to view your content, but this isn’t the case. Those who have other videos with views on their account, it makes no sense one video simply wouldn’t have any views. Here are a few different explanations as to your lack of views.

Content review

When your video is being reviewed, it often isn’t visible to others on the platform. This is so TikTok can be certain the content within the video isn’t harmful and is appropriate before anyone views it. Sometimes this review can take longer than expected depending on the complexity, or volume of the content.

Inappropriate content

When a TikTok video is uploaded which contains either inappropriate or politically sensitive content, it can impact your view count. TikTok has a strict guideline to protect all but particularly younger or vulnerable users. Any content which falls within a content violation could be blocked from being viewed completely.

  • Politically sensitive
  • Copyright infringement
  • Inappropriate or offensive material

Plagiarised content

TikTok’s algorithm is a confusing one to please. However, one thing that is known for certain is it prefers organic content to anything recreated. Therefore, producing original videos rather than something copied will likely see your content at the bottom of the pile. Sometimes even hidden because the platform have limited the visibility on the same clips.

Restricted or shadowbanned words

Keywords or hashtags that have been blocked by TikTok could see your video being hidden. Sometimes it could be a completely innocent word being used, but for some reason, TikTok don’t display content with that tag. When these words are used in your captions, descriptions or hashtags, your video may be hidden.

How to resolve your 0 views issue on TikTok

Once you have 0 views on a video, it can be a challenge. The idea to delete it and reupload it with the same information might be tempting. However, this will only cause you further issues because it will be hidden again, leading you to have 0 views for a second time. There are a few things you can try moving forward.

Be patient

If it’s the review process that’s taking a bit of time, try to be patient. Of course, this is easier said than done, but the review will take as long as it takes. Stressing over your video won’t speed the process up. Avoid reposting the same video again, as it could lead to violations and therefore further delays. Just wait it out for a few days and see.

Learn TikTok’s guidelines

When looking at TikTok’s guidelines, you might notice your content falls slightly too close to inappropriate or politically sensitive content. If this is the case, you’ll need to re-record your video and make some changes before you do. Otherwise, your content will continue to be hidden each time you upload it. Adjust your captions, or alter your visuals.

It’s always best to check your content against anyone else’s before removing it and trying again. It could be that you’ve overlooked a shadowbanned word or hashtag. Try searching them and see if anything shows up. If content is hidden, you have your answer. The solution isn’t to reupload the same video. This will only do further damage.

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