Will TikTok become more like YouTube with longer-form videos becoming more popular?

Rival platforms TikTok and YouTube seem to dance around each other, focusing on what features are currently popular, rather than both having their own USP (unique selling point).

Some time ago, TikTok added the option of a 10-minute video. This allows creators to engage with their community in more depth and creative videos with more meaning. TikTokers are encouraged to deep dive into topics through long-form video content.

However, this feature was added, then removed, then reinstated for many users. Some creators will find they suddenly can no longer access the 10-minute option. Why is this? There’s no real answer. It just seems to disappear for some.

Is TikTok committed to having longer videos, or are they testing the waters with some creators? There never seems to be a clear reason as to why some can access longer videos and some can’t. Perhaps this is just a TikTok glitch.

YouTube aren’t affected by TikTok’s glitch

YouTube, on the other hand, have never had this issue. They introduced Shorts to rival TikTok, and their creatives have never seen the option appearing and disappearing from the platform. It came and has never left. But, if YouTube introduced Shorts, to rival TikTok…

Why exactly did TikTok then bring in longer videos? The answer isn’t exactly known. But, it’s suspected that those who have become TikTok stars, wanted to be able to say what they needed to say without multiple short videos.

To keep the viewer on board, is it better to have one full video, or lots of short little ones? While it could be argued either way, it’s likely the answer is, one full video, as it contains everything a viewer needs in one place.

Why did the two have to overlap?

It isn’t exactly clear why YouTube couldn’t stick to long-form – what it’s best known for, and TikTok couldn’t stick with short and snappy. But, then it’s probably because both platforms want to keep creatives to themselves.

If a creative wants both options, and either platform can’t provide this, they’ll have to start creating elsewhere too. We just hope this is the end of it. By this, we mean both stick with what they currently offer, and don’t try to adapt much more.

It works as it is, there’s no reason either should alter their video options further. Otherwise, they’ll have nothing to set them apart from each other. Let’s face it, there’s enough room in the creative world for both parties.

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