Why you must choose a freelance writing niche

Don’t just write about anything you feel like. While this might sound like a good idea; appealing to the majority… it’s actually more harmful because how can anyone know what to expect from you? How will Google know where to place your content?

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You need to choose a niche because just like any creative outlet, freelance writing is an art form that must appeal to a group of people. If you’re trying to be too broad, you could run into problems. You might find your content simply isn’t being read by anyone because there is no group of people it is particularly targeting.

Think, how will people find your work? Where exactly can you share it? If you’re trying to appeal to completely different sides of the spectrum each week, how can you build a community? It becomes confusing when each story you tell is so different from the last. No, they shouldn’t all be the same, but they should interlink somehow.

For example, I’m here talking to creatives, and beginner brands/businesses. They all interlink because often a creator, of some kind, will go on to have their own brand or business. Or, perhaps they will be their own brand. A musician will be their own branding, as they’re marketing themselves. Their music is their business.

They all fall into the same category in some way or another. However, the niche is broad enough that no two articles are the same, and the same content isn’t told again and again. There is enough to work with to ensure growth, but also everything nicely falls under one roof. There’s a reason you are sharing the information.

Picking a niche will allow you to correctly market your freelance written work. It’s hard enough going solo without anyone there to tell you where to share your content. However, it becomes slightly easier when you have more direct avenues to go down. You start to understand where to target, and where to try and place your content.

Perhaps finding a Reddit related to your niche. Or, finding various social media accounts that share a similar interest. There are lots of ways you can market your written content, but, marketing it to the correct people is the best place to start. Avoid any disappointment and allow your written projects to prosper.

Make things easier for yourself rather than harder. Finding new content ideas is easier with less to try and cover, believe it or not. Sometimes, being too broad can mean it’s hard to find one interesting topic. Instead, you have several mediocre options rattling around in your mind. Stick to your niche, love the niche you write for, and you’ll succeed!

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