Top TikTok tracks of 2023

Within 2023 we’ve seen a range of trends hit the TikTok platform. Some have stuck around for longer than others. It’s the same for the music used on TikTok. A particular music area that seems most popular is sped-up tracks.

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On TikTok, tracks which have been sped up are proving themselves to be the most popular. It’s typically songs which are well known, but have been altered to be much faster than how they were originally released. These tracks seem to be popular across the whole platform.

Many creators are using sped-up tracks to create unique dance routines which they can share with their followers. If they have a large following, it’s likely this routine will have a snowball effect and the creator’s viewers will recreate the video and dance moves.

TikTok trending songs report

TikTok has released an end of year round-up. Within this report, they have highlighted charts with the most popular songs throughout 2023. Three of the top 10 tracks were sped-up versions of songs. This trend isn’t new, either.

For some time, TikTok users have been vibing to faster music. Cupid – Twin Ver sped-up version by the K-Pop group, Fifty Fifty has been an extremely popular piece of music on TikTok this year. It’s been used more than 20 million times.

Sped-up songs become earworms

Worldwide, we see Justine Skye’s song Collide (more sped-up) being the third-biggest tracks. This is down to the 13 million videos created using this audio. It did, however, top the TikTok music chart within the US. The song was originally created back in 2014.

The video platform have said, “Sped-up songs are a phenomenally popular earworm“. This is likely down to the catchy beat, or the need to dance along to the track. Upbeat, fast-paced songs are likely to get stuck in your head easier than slowed down versions.

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