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Top TikTok tracks of 2023

Top TikTok tracks of 2023

Within 2023 we’ve seen a range of trends hit the TikTok platform. Some have stuck around for longer than others. It’s the same for the music used on TikTok. A particular music area that seems most popular is sped-up tracks.…

Spotify’s most popular content of 2021

Sit back, grab a cuppa and prepare yourself for what’s about to come… Can you guess who made it to the top spot? Or, do you have no idea? We have the inside scoop on all things Spotify, so we…

10 of the top-rated Christmas songs

Look, for all of you Scrooge’s out there, it’s December 1st, so we’re officially allowed to talk about all things Christmas! The holidays are here, so we want to spread the joy by listing the best festive songs as chosen…

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