How to create your first video on TikTok

If you’re finally giving in to the hype and joining the popular and ever-growing app, TikTok, then we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through creating your first video.

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Signing up to TikTok is the first part. Once you’ve got that part done, you’re ready to start creating. While more users keep their accounts for simply watching and engaging with videos, many of us use TikTok as a place to create content for ourselves.

If you’re a small brand, content creator or just an individual who wants to have a go, start recording. If you don’t like it, you can delete it and try again. There’s no harm in giving it a go. But, you have to press record before you’ll know for sure.

There are two ways to record a TikTok video. You can either record the video, or clips on your smartphone and upload them to TikTok, or, our personal favourite, you can record in the TikTok app. This will prevent TikTok from flipping your videos about.

Both options are easy, and before you know it, you’ve joined the creative community and can even consider collaborating with others on the platform. The more videos you make, the more likely you are to go viral. Keep reading to find out how to make a video.

To create a new video:

1. Tap + at bottom of the screen.
2. Upload content from your device Library or use the TikTok camera.
3. Add Sounds, Effects, Filters, or other camera tools.
4. Start your video by pressing the Record button.
5. Record your content.
6. Tap the check mark.
7. Make additional edits on the post page.
8. Post your video!

📌 Please note: These steps were copied directly from TikTok.

There you have it, you’re ready to hit record and have a go for yourself. Consider your niche. What do you want to record? How are you going to present yourself? Are you going to be yourself or a character? The options are endless. sign up for free GIF
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