TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant is now available within Adobe Express

Adobe Express and TikTok have joined up for a very first. You’ll be able to access the relevant tools, templates and stickers to take your videos further.

TikTok's AI Creative Assistant is now available within Adobe Express. Photo of the collaboration. A content creator on the left, with some TikTok logos/stickers. On the right is a messaging service preview.
Credit: Adobe

Adobe and TikTok just made it easier for businesses and creators to make and share content. They announced that TikTok’s smart Creative Assistant is now part of Adobe Express. This means you can access TikTok’s tools right within Adobe Express, making content creation smoother. It’s available in English for free and Premium Adobe Express users.

So, what does this mean for creators? Well, if you’re using Adobe Express, you already have access to lots of cool stuff like templates, video clips, audio, and stickers. Plus, there’s a special TikTok video maker. With the Creative Assistant add-on, you’ll also tap into TikTok’s insights on popular hashtags and clever AI tools. This can help spark ideas.

The best part? You can now schedule and post directly to TikTok from Adobe Express, saving time switching between apps. Stacy Martinet, Adobe’s VP of Marketing Strategy and Communications, says, “This collaboration with TikTok makes creating and sharing content easier. It combines Adobe’s creative tools with TikTok’s knowledge of a huge audience.”

To start using it, just go to the add-ons section in Adobe Express and install the Creative Assistant. Let’s say you’re a brand planning a Valentine’s Day TikTok to promote a sale. You can browse templates, check trending hashtags, and ask the Assistant for ideas. For example, you might ask it to help you write a script for your Valentine’s Day offer.

It could suggest visuals and text to use in your ad. When you’re ready to post, it can even help you come up with a catchy caption and add hashtags. Overall, this integration makes creating and sharing content on TikTok easier and more efficient for Adobe Express users. Making it a win-win for content creators of all sizes.

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