TikTok improve their accessibility by adding new text size feature

We’re forever talking about how important it is to make your content as accessible as possible. Well, TikTok have recently taken steps to make their app more user-friendly for those with vision impairments.

TikTok has added a new feature which will make the platform more accessible than before. Now, users will be able to adjust their settings. Allowing them to increase their text size that is displayed within the app. We’re not sure why TikTok aren’t shouting about this.

We’re always discussing ways that content creators can become more accessible. Often, we suggest using the tools given to you, such as subtitles or alt text. By adding accessible features to your content, it allows wider audiences to enjoy your work.

Although TikTok doesn’t seem to want to mention it themselves, we feel it’s a huge step in the right direction for them to be adding text sizing options because it means reading captions just got much easier for many users who are visually impaired.

If you head over to your Settings on TikTok and then visit the Accessibility section, you will be able to alter your text size yourself. This will affect the way you see captions within the app. However, it won’t change the font size within video clips.

This is down to the creators themselves, but, there’s never any harm in leaving a comment on a creator’s video asking them to increase their text size within future videos. Such a simple change could mean a completely different experience for some users.

Previously, TikTok added auto captions to all videos. So, unless you decide to turn your captions off, they’ll be visible to anyone who watches your content. Both of these changes are steps towards the platform being a universal user experience.

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