What is a TikTok wallet, and how can you access yours?

Some creators make huge amounts of money through TikTok. With tips and gifts rolling in, they need somewhere to store their earnings. As do their viewers, who need coins to tip them.

What is a TikTok wallet, and how can you access yours? Red and pink squiggle background. In the foreground is 3 screenshots of the TikTok wallet.

TikTok has its own currency system. Within the video app, you can purchase various gifts which you can give to your favourite creators during their live videos. These gifts come in a wide variety, with anything from a rose, to a lion. All gifts cost different amounts.

Essentially, TikTok is like a sweet shop. You go in, and pick out something you like for a certain amount of coins. These gifts can then be passed to other creators on the platform. But, you can’t purchase a gift with your own money. It must instead be with TikTok money.

Just like a game of monopoly, TikTok has its own currency. Which, is just simple gold coins. These are what users must purchase their gifts with. Once coins have been purchased, they go into your wallet until you decide to use them.

But, of course, coins can only be purchased with real money. That’s where the imaginary part ends. Coins are bought with your real-life currency. TikTok will often host deals, where you can purchase more coins for less money, like a store having an offer on.

Your coins will be stored in your wallet. This can be accessed via your account. If you head to your Profile > Settings and Privacy > Balance. There you will be able to see exactly how much you have remaining, and of course, top up your wallet.

If you go to tip a favourite creator of yours and don’t have enough in your wallet to do so, you will need to return to this page and top up your account. Only users who tend to tip creators and the creators themselves will be familiar with this process.

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