45.6 million Spotify tracks weren’t streamed in 2023 – why marketing your music is so important

During the whole of 2023 there were 45.6 million tracks which weren’t streamed at all, not one single stream. Don’t let that be your music this year!

45.6 million Spotify tracks weren't streamed in 2023. Photo of a hand holding a smartphone about to click on Spotify.
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Recently, we looked into an artist who thought marketing yourself online was embarrassing. While we understand what they were trying to say, we also had to disagree. After all, if you don’t promote your music, who will? You can’t expect people to stumble across your tracks and share them with everyone they know. In fact, many artists learnt this recently.

In 2023 there were 45.6 million tracks uploaded to Spotify that then weren’t listened to even once. That means, even the artists themselves aren’t listening to their music. Unless, of course, Spotify isn’t their streaming platform of choice and they listen elsewhere. But, regardless, it certainly means these artists weren’t promoting themselves correctly.

While we understand it’s much easier for established artists to find new listeners, we also know it isn’t impossible for small, independent artists to find people who enjoy their music. It simply comes down to how much effort you are willing to put into promoting yourself. The more you share your music, the more likely you are to find listeners.

Out of the 184 million tracks available on streaming platforms, 24.8% had zero plays. That’s almost a quarter of all music on the platforms. So, why aren’t people finding these tracks? Well, simply, the artists likely aren’t promoting them. A successful artist will create a Pre-save before the track has even gone live, gaining attention early.

They’ll then go on to turn this into a Fan Link, and from there continue to share their music across social media platforms as often as they can. The more people seeing your social posts, the more chance you have of increasing your listeners. No artist sharing their work repeatedly will end the year with zero streams. It’s practically impossible.

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