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Spotify music videos are now in beta

Spotify have just announced a new addition to their music platform. It will bring excitement to music artists who enjoy sharing their music in video form. Exciting news for music lovers and Spotify enthusiasts alike! Today, Spotify unveiled its latest…

How to add lyrics to your music on Spotify

How to add lyrics to your music on Spotify

When you’ve released a song you hope will become a catchy tune, you want people to sing along. However, how do they if they aren’t sure on the lyrics? Well, they follow along karaoke style, of course. Adding lyrics to…

Spotify introduces lyrics for Google Nest

Karaoke anyone? With Spotify’s new feature, that’s now possible. They’ve kept the release very hush-hush, but it’s been spotted up and running on the platform. Now you can use real-time lyrics on the Google Nest Hub. Spotify has rolled out…

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