Spotify makes lyrics feature part of the Premium plan – taking it away from the free accounts

In another attempt to make more money, Spotify strips free accounts of the lyrics feature. Striving to encourage free users to upgrade.

Spotify is making changes to its free version, and it’s got users talking. Now, if you’re not paying for Spotify Premium, you might notice something missing: song lyrics. This could upset quite a few of their users. Those who once had access will now need to pay for the privilege.

Even though Spotify hasn’t officially said anything, they have said that features can change over time, depending on where you are and what device you’re using. This suggests the lyrics change might not just be a test. It could be here to stay.

Some people on Reddit have already spotted messages saying they can only see a limited number of lyrics. This isn’t the first time Spotify has played around with lyrics for free users. Last year, some people found they couldn’t access lyrics any more.

Unless, of course, they had a Premium subscription. Spotify confirmed this was a test, but now it seems like it might be a permanent thing. The reason behind this change isn’t totally clear. However, it’s likely a way for Spotify to get more people to sign up for Premium.

Last year, they gained 10 million new subscribers, bringing the total to 236 million paying users. But, some people wonder if taking away lyrics will actually convince people to pay up. After all, you can find lyrics on other apps like Genius or Shazam. Or, even, via Google.

This isn’t the only change Spotify is making. They’re also testing out audiobook-only and music-only subscription plans. It’s all part of their plan to give users more options and grow even bigger. So, if you’re a Spotify user, keep an eye out for more changes coming your way. sign up for free GIF
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