Create your own song through TikTok with the use of AI

As AI continues to expand into the music world, we’re set to see a lot of big things happening. One major one is TikTok’s new test. Allowing users to sing or rap over AI music they’ve created.

Create your own song through TikTok with the use of AI. Black, pink and blue line background, all lines heading into the middle of the page and fading out into a black circle. In the centre of the circle are three music notes, two stars and two mini circles, all neon.

As AI has continued to develop, so have the ways in which we use it. The most recent development is from the social media giants, TikTok. They’re currently working on a feature that would generate music, allowing users to sing or rap over the top.

This could be the start of something great, with more users having a chance to share their musical talents without hours and hours of work. Simply tell the AI what you’re looking for and show the world what you can offer. It could be a game changer.

Called AI Song, the feature being tested has said to generate music from text prompts. It will allow TikTok users to create their own sound by tweaking the genre before sharing it. Some users are already seeing the test, and have been sharing them online.

So far, the results that have been shared aren’t becoming too popular. It seems a lot are out of tune. Even though it’s said, the feature offers auto-tuning. But, it’s work in progress for sure. Without making errors, how can anyone learn?

Will this take off? We’re not sure. But, music, and sing-a-longs have always been in TikTok’s heart. After all, they came from a platform called where people would lip sync to various tracks. Parent company ByteDance then formed the popular short-form video app.

It could be a flop, a complete waste of time. But, we won’t know until TikTok have finished their testing stages. Perhaps a platform that allows anyone the chance to become a singing sensation isn’t the way. Let’s leave it to real talent. sign up for free GIF
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