3 websites for music artists to find classic rock samples on a budget

Many musicians rely on samples to create their music. Whether they insert it as it is, or they change it around and play with the sound to try something new. Here are just 3 websites you can find classic rock samples for less than a cup of coffee.

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Finding the right samples can be hard. Especially when you know what you’re looking for, but just can’t quite find it. Samples are extremely useful because they turn a generic track into something new and exciting. While there are so many sample sites around, not all will specialise in the genre of music you’re looking for.


SamplePhonics are a company who claim their aim is to inspire. They want to push boundaries and provide content which can adapt musicians ways of thinking. Helping them produce something unique and mind-blowing, that, perhaps without SamplePhonics, they wouldn’t have been able to achieve. They offer a range of products.

From sample packs for a variety of genres, to plugin presets and virtual instruments. All of these products have been chosen to expand the horizons of musicians, both beginners and advanced. Their content ranges in price. Many of their samples are completely free, so you don’t need to spend anything to benefit from their content.

3 websites for music artists to find free classic rock samples. Screen recording of SamplePhonics

However, they also offer paid products. These will be based upon their deals with the artists themselves. By not charging for anything, they aren’t likely to make the money they need to invest in future products. However, many of their paid packs are still reasonably priced. You’d be paying around £20 per pack. That’s if, the free ones aren’t your thing.

You can simply sign up to their website and start downloading the content you need right away. There are no hoops to jump through, which is what sets them apart from some of their competitors. Being able to see the samples you could download is great too, as there’s no hidden surprises once you sign up.


Splice are arguably one of the best known sample providers around. They have a huge library which caters to all kinds of musicians. Meaning, you know you will find what you’re looking for by using them. Many musicians use them and have done for such a long time that you can guarantee they will have what you need when it comes to samples.

3 websites for music artists to find free classic rock samples. Screen recording of Splice's website.

The catch with Splice, though, is it isn’t free forever. It is free for a length of time, then after this, you will need to pay to continue to use it. You will have access to 2 months of free samples. In this time, we’d recommend downloading as many as you can so you have access to your classic rock pieces even once your trial runs out.

Sign up and start finding your next rock pieces. Have a play around and see if it works for you before deciding to buy. That’s the best part about trials, you can see how you’d use their tools before you’re tied into a subscription. Perhaps Splice isn’t for everyone, but, if you have the extra in your budget after your free period, then go for it.

RouteNote Create

RouteNote Create is a sample service that offers incredible quality products for a fraction of the price of its competition. While they don’t offer free samples, their subscription is minimal. At just $2.99 per month for their beginner’s tier it’s affordable for any budding musician. You can browse through their samples before even signing up.

3 websites for music artists to find classic rock samples on a budget. Screen recording of RouteNote Create samples.

Once signed up, you will be able to choose your subscription. Each subscription relates to a certain amount of credits and their samples cost different amounts of credits. Or, if you want an entire sample pack, you can save your credits over the months. It’s a simple method which is easy to understand and there’s no extra catch.

The best thing about RouteNote Create is they’re connected to the music distribution company RouteNote. So, you can find your classic rock samples you’ve been looking for, put them together to create a track and then head over to RouteNote to distribute your new music. It couldn’t be easier as it’s all in house.

These are just three sample sites where you can find your next classic rock pieces. All have multiple genre choices and a variety of payment options. This enables you as a musician to cut costs down to a minimum and still create high quality sounds at the same time. Do you currently use any of these platforms?

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