Music artists – how to increase your online presence

So you’ve created a great track, put it online, now what? How do you get people listening? Well, you need to have an online presence.

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Keeping it real

People crave authenticity! Show the world the real you because, let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. Whether you’re a solo artist or a band, embrace your flaws. Instagram is all about connecting with the genuine side of your brand, so go easy on the filters. Customers trust a brand more if they feel the account reflects real-life moments.

Dropping the beat regularly

Setting up an account is just the beginning. Consistency is key! Posting regularly keeps your audience engaged and your social media algorithms happy. No need to be glued to your phone 24/7 – plan ahead with some awesome apps that let you schedule posts. Your followers want to know you care about your music, so give them something to groove to regularly.

Crafting your rhythm

Ever heard of a posting schedule? It’s like having your own musical rhythm online. Figure out when your audience is most active, change it up if needed, and keep the content flowing. Whether it’s three days a week or a daily jam, having a schedule helps followers anticipate your tunes, making your page a go-to spot for music lovers.

Quick replies are the jam

Social media messages and comments are like encore requests. People want a quick response! Don’t keep them waiting, especially if it’s about your latest track or merchandise. Keep the conversation flowing and show your audience that you’re tuned in. Quick responses build trust and keep your fans coming back for more.

Riding the reel wave

Instagram Reels are the rockstars of the platform. Short, sweet, and captivating, they’re a game-changer. Jump on the trend! Reels attract attention, boost your profile views, and make your content stand out. It’s like hitting the chorus of your favourite song – impossible to ignore. So, embrace the Reels, make them fun, and watch your audience groove to your beat.

Remember, it’s not about being flawless; it’s about being real and enjoying the music journey together. So, go ahead, share your imperfectly perfect moments, keep the beats rolling, and let your music shine in the friendly realm of social media! The more you share your content, along with showing the real you, the more you will grow. sign up for free GIF
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