Instagram’s 2024 trend predictions

Instagram has put together a list of predictions for the year ahead. Content creators and small businesses, do you think you’ll benefit from any of these trends?

Instagram's 2024 trend predictions. Photo of various trends and predictions from Instagram.
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Instagram has put together a guide of predictions for 2024. This could be a vital tool for all content creators because it will help you get ahead before the new year rolls around. Ensure you get ahead of the game to avoid missing out.

When a trend unfolds, it’s rapid. You need to get ahead of the game to ensure your content is seen. Check out the ideas below and try them for yourself. Prepare your content ahead of 2024, and you’ll be ready for the new year.

Fashion and beauty

Sustainable fashion is coming into play in 2024. For some time, there have been trends where content creators share their clothing looks from sustainable items. Whether it’s thrifting or reusing old items and repurposing them as new.

Instagram feel Gen Z will focus on sustainability and buy less in 2024. Repeat outfits will become the norm, and people will be encouraging others to shop locally. Below are the trends Instagram have listed within this category:

  1. Buy Less New Clothes
  2. Repeating Outfits
  3. Shopping Local
  4. Thrifting and/or shopping second-hand online or IRL

Instagram has stated that nearly 1/3 of Gen Z are promoting individuality. With the aim being for people to dress as themselves, and not feel the need to conform to society trends. Hopefully this will lead to people finding their own aesthetic.

New hairstyles could be the next best thing. As could beauty tips. The idea is, people will share trends they’ve found online, from how to style their hair, to the latest eyeshadow look. It will be a domino effect of content creators recreating others work.

Social connections

Again coming back to Gen Z as Instagram feel they are the ones who most use the platform. The social media platform believe people will look for connections in 2024. Whether it’s new friends, or networking opportunities.

Generations of creators will be using social media to keep up-to-date with friends and family members. This is how you can expect Instagram to be used next year. With more turning to life updates and sharing their daily lives.

Of course, this brings in more than just family and friends. Many Instagram users love being able to follow other people’s lives, and this is why vlogging does so well. It’s likely that this will continue to increase in popularity next year.

These are just some of Instagram’s predictions for 2024. However, we suggest you head over and read their article because if anyone knows how to get your content viral online, then it’s their team. We’d recommend giving these ideas a go! sign up for free GIF
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