What is the best day to release new music as an artist?

It’s a tricky one, calling the right day to release your latest track. You want it to hit the stores and become a huge hit, but, you’ve got to time it right.

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Hey music enthusiasts! Ever wondered about the perfect day and time to drop your latest track? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as hitting play on your favourite playlist. Let’s take a friendly dive into the world of music release timing.

So, when’s the ideal time to share your musical masterpiece with the world? Drumroll, please… Friday! Yep, that’s the golden day. Why, you ask? Because folks are generally feeling more relaxed, ready for the weekend, and, most importantly, ready to discover new tunes.

What about Saturday? While it’s a solid day, Friday remains the undisputed champion. It’s like the heavyweight champion of music release days – the people’s choice. Releasing on Friday has become a global tradition, making it the perfect opportunity.

Ever wonder why everyone seems to hit that release button on Fridays? Well, it’s not just a trend; it’s practically a music industry rule. Record labels follow suit because it’s the official global new music release day. Plus, it boosts sales, and helps with playlisting.

Should you release on a Friday?

Now, here’s the real deal – should you release on a Friday? The age-old answer: it depends. If you’re an unsigned artist enjoying the freedom of creativity without worrying about charts, release whenever you want to. But, if you’re signed with a label, Friday is a must.

What about Tuesday? Well, Tuesday is pretty good too. That’s when people are streaming away on platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp. But don’t rule out Thursday, either! It’s gaining popularity as the new music release day, especially for those energetic workout tracks.

Sunday, you ask? Well, the weekend is still alive, and it’s a great time to share your sounds. Aim for that sweet spot from Friday to Sunday – get your music on playlists like New Music Friday and enjoy two weeks of release radar goodness.

In the end, while the weekend is prime time for music releases, the most important thing is to share your beats when you feel the magic. So, whether you’re vibing on a Tuesday, rocking a Thursday, or jamming into the weekend, remember: the music world is yours to conquer!

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