Instrument Playground – Google’s brand-new AI music tool

Google have previously introduced MusicLM and their new product Instrument Playground uses the same model. Both platforms are said to focus on music through the power of AI.

Instrument Playground - Google's brand-new AI music tool. Screenshot of Instrument Playground.

Google have recently launched a new AI powered experiment. This experiment is focusing on music and will provide a platform for music artists to play around with sounds and instruments, creating short clips which can be used as samples.

Whether you’re looking for quirky sounds, or snippets to add to your next music track, Instrument Playground could be able to help. It offers a lot more options than other AI music tools, giving you more control.

Coming from Google Arts & Culture Lab is Instrument Playground. Currently, just an experiment. It allows users to trial instruments they’ve likely never heard of, such as the veena from India or the dizi from China.

You have the option to add adjectives such as moody or happy to be used as prompts when playing around with the sound effects. We can’t currently test this platform though as the UK doesn’t currently have access to it.

Google have suggested it will become available in more markets soon, so we’re hoping we can give it a go. We’d imagine if it’s successful in their tests, then it will make its way across the pond. At this moment, it’s not clear whether the product will take off or not.

From the screenshot, it looks quite technical. It could therefore give many new musicians an insight into levels and how sound works. Other music AI websites aren’t as in depth as this. You aren’t able to control the sound produced.

This could be a game changer, but at the moment we can’t say for sure. It could be another AI flop. After all, the amount of platforms being designed around AI at the moment is crazy. Do we need more? Are the ones we already have even worthwhile? sign up for free GIF
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