A cheap but creative way to ask your groomsmen the big question

Ok, weddings are extremely expensive, it’s a fact. Even if you manage to cut the costs, they still cost more than your weekly shop. Especially with the tradition of asking those closest to you a big question…

A cheap but creative way to ask your groomsmen the big question. Photo of a mockup of the card.

Will you be my groomsman? It’s a question millions of men, and also women, ask their loved ones every year. But, it normally comes with a cost. One that you don’t really need ahead of your big day. All the money should be going towards the wedding, right?

Correct. But, it’s tradition to ask the question to those who you want with you on your special day. Some countries call them ushers, but they’re the same thing. It’s become common to ask them with a gift. Some token of appreciation as you ask for their support.

These gifts, on top of gifts for bridesmaids (but that’s another story) add up. You end up spending before you’ve even had a chance to plan your wedding properly. Even cutting out the gift and buying each of them a card can be pricey.

Card making companies and businesses will put the price up when it mentions the word wedding. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and they do it, well, because they can. They know you have no choice but to pay the inflated costs.

Well, so they think… However, we’re here to provide you with an alternative. One that costs just $5 and gives you a variety of options for all the wonderful groomsmen in your life. Simply pay for the one-off pack, download the files via the Pay Link and print them out.

You have access to 5 different designs, all which say something different, but there are options for your ushers and your best man. You can print off all 5 and mix and match. Perhaps everyone gets a different one, or pick one based upon each person’s personality.

Once you’ve paid the $5 you can download the file through the Pay Link as many times as you need. It’s a great way of keeping the costs down, rather than paying $5 per card. Hey, even go one better and consider the environment by sending them the card digitally.

✉ Download your card templates here

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