Allow your consumers to pay what they feel with new Pay Links feature

We’ve introduced a new feature called Name Your Price which allows customers to choose how much they pay when purchasing the content within your Pay Link. This feature is available for free and Premium users.

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Our brand-new feature Name Your Price gives your consumers control over how much they spend. It makes your products as inclusive as they can possibly be. Some customers might have more to spend and might give you more than you’d have priced your products at. While others, may give you less because that’s all they have right now.

Including a pay how you feel or pay what you can feature within your Pay Link increases the likelihood of building customer loyalty. You might find someone who pays less one time, pays you more the next time around. Perhaps their situation has changed and they can now offer more. Plus, they appreciate your kindness of allowing them to take part the first time.

There are many reasons as to why Name Your Price is a brilliant feature to include. If you want to add it to your Pay Links you can do so during the creation process. You have the option to toggle this option on. If you don’t want to include it, there is no pressure to do so. However, the option is there if you do. It appears next to the Set Price option.

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Perhaps you don’t even know how to begin pricing your products. Those who are new to an industry and trying to build a client base may find themselves lost as to pricing. You can look at competitors prices, but it won’t always help with what to charge because they may have been around for longer and have a firm audience.

There are always many factors to consider. At the end of it all, every customer gets the same digital file regardless of their payment amount. The lowest payment you can receive is $1, so you won’t be accepting offensive payments. You could even get more than you imagined. Finally, if at any stage you want to turn this off, you can change your pricing.

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