Improve your current equestrian skills by practising centred riding and jump exercises

If you’re looking to expand your current skill set, or, if you’re an avid rider but want to branch into other areas, why not try learning effective jump techniques, or centred riding? We have the resources to help you with your next journey.

If you’re a horse lover, that’s looking to expand your skills, you’ll want to check out these Smart Links. They offer multiple options across Europe. Whether you’re someone who’s practised centred riding before, or just an experienced horse rider wanting to focus on technique. There’s something for various skill levels.

Centred riding involves engaging your body as you ride. Learning to become less rigid, and soften your body. It’s a great skill to add to your riding talents. Within the relevant Smart Link, you will find tips and tricks on how you can become more aware in your riding. There are diagrams to help picture how you should be sitting.

Online horse magazine

Like with any sport, there’s always room for improvement. The centred riding Smart Link offers knowledge on the dos and don’ts. Linked within is a magazine article explaining what you need to know. The magazine has been translated into four different languages, which is quite unusual. It offers a wide audience the chance to learn and improve.

Then we also have the effective jumping techniques Smart Link, which is equally important. In the same way the previous link offers, the jumping link provides four different languages to choose from. Again, a snippet from a magazine, written by the same individuals, horse riders are offered tips on how to improve their jumps.

Smart Links for equestrian enthusiasts

Using a Smart Link in this way is brilliant, as it offers horse enthusiasts something unique. Rather than spending hours searching the internet to find their answers, they can find what they need here. The link has been customised, so the URL represents the specific area of equestrian which matches the information within the link.

There’s no bio, as it isn’t really needed. They have summed up what their links offer within the Smart Link title. Adding a captivating Feature Image to both of these links ensures the intended audience know they’re in the right place, and will likely continue. Overall, improving the CTR (click-through rate). Capturing your audience is important, and they’ve done this well.

If you’ve ever considered using a Smart Link for your business, but are unsure how it will work for you, consider these links. They offer everything their audience will need, and it’s made clear who they are at a first glance. Providing you have customised your Smart Link, your intended audience will know what to expect from your link. sign up for free GIF
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