PUSH 101: What is a Smart URL, and how can it help?

Sleek, trackable landing pages for multiple links. Place more than one link under just one personalised URL. Allowing your audience to access various resources through an easy-to-reach location. Fantastic choice for any business, creative or music artist.

What is a Smart URL?

A Smart URL is a landing page that hosts multiple links. The page can be customised to match your brand or business. Having various links under one URL allows your audience to find the information and resources they need without having to search for it. Your Smart URL can be shared across all social platforms, allowing you to expand and grow your audience for free. Your audience get access to the stores and platforms they’re interested in, so there’s no time wasting.

Music fans can choose their preferred streaming store and social media lovers can pick a platform they want to watch your career unfold upon. Forget creating websites to host these things. Instead, throw all the information you needed into a Smart URL. They look great and offer vital tools to both creatives and their fans. By being able to customise them, no two are the same. Meaning, depending on how you create them, you could really stand out from your competition.

You can add any store. There’s no limit on how many platforms you can add. Whether it’s a known website, or one you’ve created yourself – you can add the relevant links to a landing page. With PUSH you can change your logos too. Check out our example above, you’ll notice we have used customised logos for each store. This is to fit in better with the branding of the company. You could design your own, or use copyright free logos that work well with your vibe.

How can it help?

Smart URLs are beneficial in many ways. They can act as music promotion for any artists out there. You can place them within your social media bios, avoiding the rule of just one link per bio. People are more likely to click on a link when heading to your profile, especially if you mention in your posts where they can find your work. They say a lot of information in a short amount of characters. Of course, you get to decide the link name, so it could be super short, or it might be long. But, overall it will be shorter than placing all resources in one post or tweet.

Streaming platforms are a popular one for Smart URLs. This is because you can place all music stores where your release appears under just one customised link. Then, your fans can find their preferred platform and don’t need to head to the site and search for themselves. They can add your music to their library straight away without any issues. With PUSH, you also have a Pre-save option which allows people to save your music ahead of release day. On the day it goes live, your link will turn into a Smart Link.

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