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How to make your TikTok videos accessible for everyone

TikTok have added multiple features to enhance videos and make them more accessible for all users. If you don’t already use them, you’re stopping thousands of potential viewers from being able to engage with your work. Embracing what makes us…

Top 9 innovative AI chatbots in 2023

Dive into the weird and wonderful world of AI chatbots. With everything from CatGPT, to MeditateBot. There is literally something for everyone. We’re going to look into the strangest AI chatbots around. The world has gone AI crazy! There are…

Pros and cons of businesses using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a lot of benefits. It can answer the majority of questions you put to it. However, it doesn’t always give the information you’re looking for. There are areas it lacks, despite it overall being an excellent creation. ChatGPT…

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