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Choosing a creative career path

Choosing a creative career path

For those with a passion for creativity, the journey is not just about finding a job, but rather choosing a path that will lead them to bigger and better things. Deciding on a creative career is a decision that can…

A beginners guide to designing business cards on Canva

For those who still rely on advertising their businesses or services through word of mouth, business cards might be exactly what you need. Don’t spend a fortune paying someone to create them, when you can do it yourself for free!…

Instrument Playground – Google’s brand-new AI music tool

Instrument Playground - Google's brand-new AI music tool

Google have previously introduced MusicLM and their new product Instrument Playground uses the same model. Both platforms are said to focus on music through the power of AI. Google have recently launched a new AI powered experiment. This experiment is…

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