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Valuable resources you can use to market your music and content.

How to make a killer landing page

Whether you’re a musician, brand, creative, influencer or business. You should really have a Smart Link that contains all relevant URLs under one roof. They speak for you and help massively with promotional material. It’s one thing making a Smart…

New Deezer call-to-action buttons within Reward Links

Reward Links have had a small makeover. Here at PUSH, we’re constantly trying to improve our service. This is why we welcome feedback and ensure it is all taken on board. We are proud to offer a completely free platform…

12 important rules for beginner musicians

Starting out can be tricky. Sometimes you find yourself wanting to quit before you’ve even got started because it can seem too difficult. However, stick with it and take the advice offered. Talk to other musicians and see how they… vs – best Pre-save option?

Creating a Pre-save before your music goes live is one of the best promotional tools you can have. They allow you to drive attention to your release before it hits the stores. On release day, you’ll see a quicker turnaround…

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