Threads is still trying to find its place on the market – with a new save feature being added

Threads was first advertised as a platform for content creators, really, to rival X (formerly Twitter). However, since it first launched, it’s been on the rapid decline because users are discovering they can’t use it how they intended.

Threads is still trying to find its place on the market - with a new save feature being added. Screenshot of a Threads post where the new feature was shared.

Since Threads first came about, many users have continued to spot holes within the platform. It soared in popularity before officially being released to the market, but since, has been on the decline. Users are often noting there are things missing which they had hoped to see on a creative app. As the platform begins to nosedive, a new feature seems to appear.

It has been like this for some time. Rather than working on these features before sharing the app with the market, or, launching all the features together – Threads are almost drip-feeding tools. Many users will have already left the platform because it simply doesn’t offer what they need. If Threads continues adding tools slowly, it might do too much damage to reverse.

While this new feature hasn’t been advertised by the company themselves, it has been spotted. User Alessandro Paluzzi has seen the feature appear within the app. He has since shared it with his followers, and it has snowballed from there. Now many are talking about it. How you will soon be able to save your favourite posts on the platform.

However, does it really bring much to the app? It doesn’t seem to change much for current users. Nor, does it boost the reason the platform was created. It isn’t something that will help artists find other creatives and network. Simply, it’s a case of saving a post you like, which is an option on many platforms. It isn’t something many have been asking for.

While Threads have added features users have asked for, they seem to have taken quite some time doing so. The need for saving isn’t something that comes up often, so perhaps instead, they could have spent some time making the app more creator friendly. After all, that is their target audience. An app for the creators. sign up for free GIF
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