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Since the very successful launch of the Twitter (X)/Instagram hybrid app Threads, its popularity has started to plummet. Threads have stepped up and addressed issues presented to them by adding a following and for you feed.

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When Threads first launched, it saw a large amount of sign-ups very quickly. Everyone wanted to know what the platform was and how it worked. A lot of people jumped ship, Twitter (X) became like a ghost town. People wanted to support the rise of a new platform and leave Elon Musk and his ideas behind. However, the popularity soon started to decline.

Users were frustrated by not being able to view the status’ created by those they’re following. Despite Adam Mosseri head of Instagram denying so, it was clear Threads was largely inspired by Twitter (X). Yet, Threads was missing so many elements that Twitter (X) has, so there wasn’t much hope it would be the next big thing. It seemed to decline quickly.

Almost as fast as users signed up, they stopped using Threads. It didn’t look promising. Adam Mosseri did take to Threads and wrote about how they had plans in the works to add the features users were looking for. He claimed they were already working on them prior to the launch of Threads. However, many argued, why launch an unfinished product?

Threads app new features

It seems some features came sooner than expected. Originally, it was expressed by Mosseri that changes would come but not for a while due to the amount of work the team were currently working on. However, with the rapid decline of users so early on, it’s likely he sped up the process knowing if he wanted the platform to thrive, he’d need to make changes.

So, much sooner than we all thought, Threads have added two timeline types. For you and following. The first will show content the platform thinks might be relevant to you. It will decide this either through the type of content you choose to interact with, or based upon those who currently follow. Just like other platforms algorithms work.

The latter, following, is self explanatory. It will be a timeline showing only the accounts you follow. This will make it much easier to see what your favourite creators have to say. Currently, you have to search for specific accounts to see their posts because they just aren’t displayed to you even if you follow them. Adding these options will improve the app massively.

Further user feedback

Other areas Threads are expanding into are post translations and chronological feeds. The translations option is something that Twitter (X) do really well, and with this being their biggest competition, it’s important they compete on every level. By adding post translations, it will allow all users to read every thread created.

They can communicate and converse with any user on the platform, despite regions. It will make collaborating across the app even easier, which, was of course exactly why the platform was first created – for collaborating. Likewise, adding a chronological feed will allow users to see what’s current and fresh as it’s posted. Getting involved in relevant threads.

It will be interesting to see if this helps Threads pull back. Perhaps the app can become a popular Twitter (X) alternative now that it is starting to add the features users miss. It could also be a case of too little too late now people have stopped using the app. Will users come back? It could go either way, what are your thoughts?

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