How does Instagram’s new Threads app compare to Twitter?

Threads is almost a hybrid between Instagram and Twitter. It allows people to connect via comment threads, but so far there’s no messaging options. However, there are a lot of plans in the works.

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The new Threads app looks similar to Twitter. However, there are clear differences once you dive deeper than the surface. Threads are planning to add more features over time, as at the moment there are certain areas where they are lacking. However, it seems they’re already aware of this. Could these changes help them overthrow Twitter?

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From this chart, you can see that Twitter currently has the upper-hand. However, it might not be the case for long, because Adam Mosseri has already made a public post on Threads explaining all the missing features are currently being worked on. He did say however, these features won’t be a quick turnaround.

One of the main ways Threads stands out from Twitter at the moment however, is their character limit. There simply isn’t one. Whereas, we all know about the restricting character limit on Twitter. Over time, they’ve expanded it, but it still isn’t enough for most people. With Threads there isn’t this problem.

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It could be that Twitter don’t want their feeds to become like Facebook where people can write as much as they want and take over the whole feed. Which, makes sense, and could be a problem with Threads. However, with it being a mobile only app, people might aim to reduce their word count so their messages all fit onto one page.

Users have actively asked for Threads to not introduce messaging to the platform, and many say there are too many platforms with message options. The main body remains the same. You can have your say and others can share it if they agree, add to it and favourite it to show support. This is the concept for both Twitter and Threads.

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