Resso is closing its doors to India from the end of January 2024

ByteDance who own TikTok and Resso are disabling the music streaming service within India as of January 31st. They’ve expressed this is due to market conditions, but haven’t expanded on that.

In a recent statement released by ByteDance (owners of Resso and TikTok), it has been confirmed that Resso will no longer be available within India. This is said to be down to local marketing conditions. Therefore, users will not be able to stream through the platform. Taking away one of the music store options they previously had.

Those who are already paying for their subscription will be refunded. While they can currently still access the platform, anyone looking to download it within India will no longer see it as an option. On either Google Play or the Apple app store. For now, it will still work for subscribed users. But, they won’t be able to extend or buy a new subscription.

Resso originally launched in India in 2020. The platform has since gone on to launch in; Brazil and Indonesia in July 2023. Later followed by Australia, Mexico and Singapore in October 2023. It’s still a growing platform. Despite their recent decision. TikTok was previously banned within India. Just a few months after Resso was launched.

Could the breakdown of Resso within the country be linked to TikTok being banned too? It’s hard to say as they haven’t released much information about their decision. However, ByteDance seem certain that TikTok Music, a separate music streaming platform which is currently being worked on, won’t be affected by the Resso decision. sign up for free GIF
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