Napster, a popular music streaming platform is launching into the metaverse

It’s been a while since anything major went on in the metaverse, or so it seems. However, Napster have brought attention to themselves ahead of launching new digital hang-outs for music artists.

Napster, the popular streaming service, is making a bold move. Right into the metaverse. This will come through a groundbreaking partnership with tech firm TerraZero. This collaboration aims to create ‘virtual hangouts’ for musicians on the Napster platform.

Fans will now have the opportunity to engage in conversations. They can stream their favourite music, and watch virtual performances. All within these digital spaces. Kicking off this venture is US independent artist Ric Wilson, who recently shared his virtual hangout.

Fans will soon be able to see an exclusive live performance of his latest single. This will be in the upcoming weeks. Napster CEO Jon Vlassopulos (from his experience as the head of music at Roblox), expressed his enthusiasm for this new idea.

He highlighted that while virtual metaverse-style worlds were previously confined, to platforms like Fortnite and Roblox. Napster is breaking barriers by making these engaging artist hangouts accessible. All directly from web browsers.

Virtual hangouts set to launch

As the year progresses, more virtual hangouts are set to launch. Vlassopulos has shared that the ultimate objective is to empower every Napster artist, and encourage them to create their own virtual hangout. This decision is set to redefine the music streaming experience.

It will help with growth and bring artists closer to their fans. With the world leaning more towards the metaverse, it isn’t surprising streaming stores want to be involved, and what an exciting thing for artists. It’s like Habbo Hotel for music.

Build connections with other artists, and perhaps even find collaborations. It could be the next best thing for networking and interaction. We will be eagerly watching and waiting to see how much interaction this new venture gets and whether it really is the next big thing.

If it is, it could perhaps change the way music artists share content, and even how they perform to their audience. Hopefully, it won’t flop like the metaverse seems to, but, this will depend on the names they have behind them. sign up for free GIF
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