A quick guide to the Metaverse for beginners

The word Metaverse if flying around a lot lately. With Facebook changing their name to Meta, more and more companies will be heading into the world of the Metaverse. What does that mean though? Is it a physical place? How do you access it? We’ve found a video that might help explain things a little clearer for you.

To begin with let’s set the record straight, the Metaverse is a virtual reality world. Within the start of this video it is explained that the Metaverse allows for people to interact with objects, people and buildings. Essentially you are living a life online. You can buy land and build things on that land, but it’s all done virtually as though you are playing a video game. Owning assets within the Metaverse is known as owning NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

When it comes to the Metaverse, there isn’t just one. This is explained within the video clearly. He suggests they’re like multiple planets, and you can choose which one to join in with. Meta, formerly known as Facebook own a VR company that will allow you to access one Metaverse easily. Then you are within that world, you’re living inside it essentially through virtual reality. Heading into their Metaverse allows you to use their apps and platforms. Some are owned by large corporations, however there will be decentralised Metaverses that aren’t owned by just one company.

The Metaverse offers convenience just in the same way that Zoom did. At one point in time, people weren’t able to see each other physically, so Zoom offered a way for people to connect via video call. The Metaverse is a similar idea but with much more to it. You have the ability to go anywhere at any time without restrictions. It opens new doors that you wouldn’t otherwise have available. The crazy thing to consider is the point he makes about in 15 years time he expects we’ll spend more time in the Metaverse than in the ordinary world.

He shows a really insightful website that is certainly worth checking out if you’re interested in the Metaverse. You can head there and see the large amount of virtual worlds available. Some don’t even require VR headsets which means anyone can take part. Try building your own character that you essentially then live through. See what the world has to offer and the various activities you can get up to. It offers an escape from the modern day stresses of the real world, and it seems that might be one of the many reasons it becomes popular. What are your opinions? Metaverse or no, thank you?

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