Fan Links – a must-have music marketing tool for all artists

A Fan Link is a music marketing tool, which combines all your music links within one customisable URL. Add your social media accounts too and start marketing yourself properly.

Fan Links - a must-have music marketing tool for all artists. Picture of a Fan Link both displayed on a smartphone and normally.

Fan Links, provided by us at no cost, are an essential component of our mission to enable independent musicians. With the necessary tools, they can effectively promote themselves and their music. This powerful tool allows you to combine all your promotional links into a single URL. Simplifying the process of promoting your music tracks.

But that’s not all. These Fan Links are designed with your audience in mind. They make it easier for your fanbase to find and access your new releases – no more scrambling to search for your latest track. With the help of Fan Links, your audience can find their preferred music store and follow the link directly to your track.

Fan Links offer an additional advantage. They allow your audience to connect with you on social media platforms. With an option to add your social accounts to your Fan Links; this feature not only aids in expanding your social media presence but also offers a unique way for your fans to support you. Beyond of course, just listening to your music.

What can you include in Fan Links?

So, what can you include in your Fan Links? The possibilities are almost endless. You can incorporate links to your social media accounts, your merchandise, links to streaming stores, information about tour tickets, and even your own website. Essentially, if it has a URL, it can be added to your Fan Link. This feature keeps all your information together.

You only need to share one link across your social media accounts. This has the potential to enhance your social media presence and could even lead to an increase in your fanbase. They’re completely customisable, so you can add your own branding touches. With, creating a Fan Link is free, so why would you go elsewhere?

This sets us apart from some of our competitors. Fan Links, also known as Smart Links, act almost like a miniature website within a landing page. They offer everything you would need on a website, but under one customised URL. This feature not only simplifies access for your fans but also makes it easier for you to manage and track your promotional activities. sign up for free GIF
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