Should your business get VR ready?

With the world turning more towards Web3 and VR becoming less of a rarity, we can expect to see more businesses adopting the use of VR. Implementing it into your brand now could see you miles ahead of your competition.

Should your business get VR ready? Photo of a man with a VR headset looking down at his hands. On a TV screen next to him is a car which his headset is connected to.
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Before we get started, it’s important to note, VR doesn’t have to be a large headset, and accessories being used together to swipe at the air. That’s one style which works for VR gaming. However, there are so many brands using VR already, you just might not know it.

VR can simply be taking a photo of your surroundings, and using a system to add items to your image. For example, IKEA already use VR within their app. They have a smartphone app which allows customers to take a photo of a room in their house.

Using the app, they can then place various furniture items around the room. This allows the customer to visualise how each item would work with their current set-up. It allows them to match colour schemes and re-order their room before they go ahead with the purchase.

Sephora and other make-up brands offer VR too. You can take a photo of yourself and colour match your foundation, or, try on different shades of lipstick. These VR options are brilliant for customers. They can literally try before they buy from the comfort of their own home.

It eliminates the disappointment that can occur when a product arrives that doesn’t suit an individual. Especially in an industry that often can’t accept returns due to sanitary concerns. Having an option within the app to try a product and see if it suits, is brilliant.

What VR means for your business

So, as we’ve established, VR is becoming extremely important within businesses. Therefore, if you’ve been considering it, we can only recommend you go ahead and add it into your plans. Businesses could see more custom by introducing VR.

If you’re able to add the option to an app, or as a feature on your website, you could beat your competition. After all, you become a one-stop-shop. Your consumers don’t need to visit a store to try your products out. Instead, they can do so from home.

Everyone wants convenience. Especially as societies are becoming busier and busier. People want to browse during their evening downtime, when shops have closed, and they’re finished with their day. So, why not give them the option to browse at home?

By, literally, allowing them to see the products on them, or within their home? In the environment that the product would live in, if purchased. If you have the ability to do so, we’d recommend trying it for yourself. You’ll likely see huge growth following it. sign up for free GIF
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