Breakr – a platform for musicians, creatives and brands to share content and build connections

Breakr is a relatively new platform that allows connections to be made between artists, creators and brands. Sharing data, music and exchanging content. Various well-known artists and brands have already signed up.

Breakr is a recent music marketing platform that allows creators, artists and brands to exchange content, data and form connections. The platform is relatively new but, after a lot of funding, is now up and running. You can rest assured all the connections you may form are legitimate, as Breakr safety checks every account created.

It’s known as a three-sided marketplace where creators can submit their profiles, artists can offer their music for use, and brands can access data to find collaborations. Brands can find engagement metrics, allowing them to be paired with influencers who are perfect for their business needs. It could lead to new partnerships.

The co-founder of Breakr, Anthony Brown has spoken to TechCrunch, stating “Breakr wants to be the Google Ad Words, powered by creators”. For musicians and creatives, this could be a platform which sees new growth. With these individuals in mind, the platform should be beneficial, presenting them with new opportunities.

Well-known music artists on Breakr

Just a few music artists who have already worked with Breakr are; Megan Thee Stallion, Future, Rick Ross, Gunna, JID, Sleepy Hallow, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Pink, Young Thug, Kanye West, and Nas. We’d imagine, with the investments continuing to be made to the company, that more music artists will sign up shortly.

Brands who are using the platform to connect are; Samsung, Billboard, Rolling Loud, Live Nation, Meta, Tidal, Epic, Kit Kat, P&G, Celsius, and Mountain Dew. Hopefully, a platform with such large investment should allow music artists to have their music heard by huge audiences, as this is what it’s been designed for.

That’s the aim, and we’re excited to see if it is achievable. So far, we haven’t heard many case studies from every day artists and brands. Of course, we offer our own marketing tools, but this is a different type of tool. Rather than offering ways to promote your music, Breakr seem to provide a way to directly meet others who can help. sign up for free GIF
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