A digital strategy to benefit you and your audience

Remove the back and forth with no gain element. Instead, add in extra steps to allow both you and your consumer a chance to get answers to queries while asking more questions. All with a simple digital idea.

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When a consumer, or potential client, visits your website, there are a few things they’re looking for. They either want to learn about your brand, buy from you, or ask a question that your website hasn’t been able to offer them.

The issue with the final option is, they have to wait for a response. Now, you might pride yourself on quick response times, but, the problem is, they may have already gone elsewhere by the time they do hear back. No business can reply 24/7.

If your competitor can provide a response straight away, you could lose a potential customer. So, what can you do about this, if we’re telling you a 24/7 emailing service isn’t practical? How do you leave someone without an answer, but happily waiting for one?

Well, firstly, you need to ensure your response time is listed on your contact page, and that you stick to the timeframe quoted. This will ensure any potential consumer is aware of how long they can expect to wait for a reply.

Digital strategy to adopt

Then, where the interesting digital strategy comes in. Add in a quiz or similar to your contact page. Don’t make this compulsory, or you might lose people who aren’t willing to take the time to answer. Instead, have this as an extra option.

You see, people love a quiz. They like finding out what type of person they are, what furniture or pet suits them best. Anything you can offer, it’s human nature to be curious. So, instead of offering them a quiz to decide the next breakfast cereal they should buy, make it relevant.

Relevant to you and your business. Add in a quiz that works for your brand. If you’re a hair salon, why not include a hair type quiz? Or, perhaps a nutrition company could include health goals as a quiz. This information could benefit both you and your consumer.

They get an understanding of exactly what they’re looking for before enquiring. They could find out what type of hair they have and therefore look at styles that would suit them before making an appointment. It could even inform their question.

Business benefits

You as a business benefit too because before reading their questions, you’ve learnt their hair type and therefore cut out the back and forth of asking them about their hair when it comes to booking them an appointment.

You could spend time thinking about their type of hair and how to best achieve the look they want before you reply. Making your response informed and helpful. A real win-win for both you and the client. Everyone’s happy.

It’s something that could be such a simple digital element to add into your website, but could prove valuable for yourself and your clients. So, why not give it a go for yourself? If you find no one is using it, you can always remove the option.

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