3 creative industries that could benefit from a Bio Link

Bio Links are useful tools found on social media accounts. They serve as a way of combining all relevant URLs into one place, directing customers and followers to your content. We believe everyone could benefit from the use of a Bio Link.

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A Bio Link, often found on brands, influencers or individuals social media profiles, serves as a centralised location to share multiple links or direct followers to specific content. With PUSH.fm, they’re free to create and could increase your website clicks as they’re free promotion. Here are three niches that could benefit from utilising a Bio Link:

Content creators/influencers

  • Why: Content creators and influencers often produce content across various platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs. Having a Bio Link allows them to direct their followers to their latest content, promotions, collaborations, or merchandise from a single location.
  • How to Use: Create a landing page that includes links to your latest videos, blog posts, affiliate products, and any promotions or partnerships. This makes it easy for followers to access all your content from one place.

E-commerce businesses

  • Why: E-commerce businesses can use a Bio Link to direct potential customers to specific product categories, promotions, or even new arrivals. This is especially useful for businesses that sell products across multiple platforms or have various product lines.
  • How to Use: Design a landing page that features links to your product categories, promotional deals, and any limited-time offers. This allows potential customers to quickly navigate to the products they are interested in.

Event organisers

  • Why: Individuals or organisations hosting events, conferences, or festivals can benefit from a Bio Link to provide attendees and potential participants with all the necessary information in one place. This could include schedules, ticket links, speaker bios, and event details.
  • How to Use: Create a landing page with links to the event schedule, ticket purchasing options, information about speakers or performers, and any additional resources or FAQs. This helps streamline communication and provides a centralised hub for event-related information.

When using a Bio Link, it’s essential to regularly update and customise it based on your current priorities or promotions. Ensure your URLs are always relevant, and keep any Feature Image updated. Otherwise, you run the risk of giving customers false information, which will only damage your reputation, and that isn’t what you want.

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