Build a landing page without coding experience

No need to dive deep into the world of coding. With a landing page, you can connect various URLs under one roof. Meaning, you don’t need any website building knowledge to get yourself started.

When it comes to creating a website, it’s a lot more difficult than it seems. Sure, you can jump onto a website builder, however they’re not always the best. You’ll find the more you grow, the harder it is to streamline your website to how you want it to be. There’s only so much you can achieve on a website builder before you will need to branch out onto your own domain. From here, you’ll need coding experience, or to hire someone with it.

Having to code your website takes a lot of time. It’s not a straight forward process, and it will take someone with knowledge on the subject to do it. If you don’t have that, you’ll either need to train – which will take time. Or, you’ll have to hire someone – which costs money. If you’re starting out as a business or beginner, you may not have the money to fund this project. So, what can you do instead? Well, you could create a landing page that’s easily customised to you and your brand. This could hold all the information you need.

What is a landing page?

A landing page, like the one shown above is a URL that holds multiple links in one place. They can be completely customised to match your branding or business. You can add your own artwork, logos and links. From here, your audience can find all your resources in one place. For example, you could place all your social platforms into your landing page. Your audience can then access the social platforms that are relevant to them, and follow you there.

You could create a landing page for anything. We at PUSH offer multiple templates for a variety of fields. You can either choose one of these which relates to your content, or you can create a Custom Link which is a complete blank canvas. Your link can be added everywhere. Place it into your social media bios, add it to your posts. Anywhere your audience will see it. These links can be regularly updated, so you don’t need to make a new one each time something changes.

Your links are customised to your liking. If you have a strong business identity, you can change your landing page to represent you. Add in a description to let anyone clicking on your link know who you are and what you’re about. Links can be added to your landing pages that will direct your audience to stores where you may sell products, social media accounts, music streaming stores – you name it! Our landing pages are free and easy to use. You don’t need any experience in website creation to be able to put together a powerful landing page.

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