Day in the life vlogs – what are they, and why are they so popular?

If you’re on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, you’ll probably have seen some form of day in the life video content by now. A video which shows the audience a creator’s daily routine. Where did the idea come from, and why are they so popular?

Day in the life videos have been around for quite some time. Over the years they become more and more popular. They come in various forms – creators tend to either upload long-form vlogs, or short-form videos with voice-overs explaining what they did step by step. On YouTube and TikTok combined, the hashtags #dayinmylife and #dailyvlog have 35 billion views.

The main difference between these two platforms is, TikTok creators are only able to upload short but sweet videos. Whereas, on YouTube, there is the option to upload lengthy videos. Therefore, typically, you’ll find the longer vlogs on YouTube, and if creators are looking to upload short videos, they tend to pick TikTok as a platform.

TikTok day in the life content

On TikTok, you’ll probably find a lot more clip cutting. A video will usually flick from a person eating breakfast, to applying their skincare, to driving to work quite quickly. There won’t be much talking involved other than briefly explaining what’s going on in a few short sentences. The transitioning between clips will usually be quite choppy.

This is because there aren’t features on TikTok to softly transition. Therefore, it will just switch from one activity to another quite abruptly. This style of video works on TikTok though, so it isn’t a case of poor editing. It’s simply how it should look. You’ll see a whole day in short second-long clips. Fitting a whole day in means each clip must be short.

YouTube day in the life videos

YouTube however is very different. People are looking to create longer videos because often, if they’re popular on the platform, they’ll be paid. Especially through advertising. Fitting multiple adverts into one video is the perfect way for a creator to earn extra money, even if it is irritating for viewers. So, they make their videos lengthy to achieve this.

A day in the life video on YouTube could last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how in depth the vlogger goes. They’ll normally carry their camera recording everywhere they go. Rather than seeing a second-long clip of their car, you might see them driving, and possibly they’ll talk along the way.

YouTube or TikTok day in the life?

Voice-overs are needed on TikTok as creators simply shoot short clips, cut them down and upload them. They add their voice-over in the app. YouTube day in the life videos see the creator talking you through what they’re doing as it’s happening. Instead of simply seeing them eating their breakfast, you’ll likely watch them make it first.

Both are extremely popular, but what is it about them that makes people want to watch? Often it’s extremely mundane tasks because each creator is just showing their daily life. Watching someone brush their teeth, then jump on a train to head to a meeting doesn’t sound all that fun, yet they’re gripping – why?

Why do people enjoy watching day in the life videos?

There’s a large element of curiosity that sits behind the desire to watch others daily lives. We as humans can’t help but wonder how others spend their time. It’s interesting, almost like having a sneak peek into a complete stranger’s world. This has been around for a long time, however the pandemic only made the need stronger.

Life became mundane for everyone. There seemed to be no excitement. Everyone was trapped in their own life, so being able to disassociate and imagine yourself living someone else’s life for a small amount of time seemed favourable. This is where day in the life videos come in. Watching others lives play out almost made us feel we were part of that.

Day in the life content can be inspirational

For many, day in the life videos are inspiring. Watching others work towards and achieve their goals offers a sense of motivation for the viewer. You might see someone head to the gym and complete a routine you think you could tackle. Perhaps you see them going to the shops and buying groceries. You might then get some meal inspiration.

There are two ways people tend to go when choosing someone to watch. A creator they’re similar to, or someone completely on the other end of the scale, like a celebrity. There are a few reasons for both. Someone might like to see what they could do with their daily life and take inspiration off someone with a similar lifestyle.

Or, someone might want to escape and see how the other half live. Day in the life videos are easy to find. Some are more exciting than others. However, if you’re looking to relate to a creator, you’re not looking for someone who goes on a new holiday each week. You’re more likely to want to watch a Mum on the school run, perhaps.

As humans, we’re incredibly nosey. The majority of people love to ‘people watch’ whether they admit it or not. When a creator uploads a day in the life, they’re offering you an invitation to watch how they live. Taking away the guilt that comes with being nosey. It’s highly likely day in the life videos will always be popular, the more they adapt and spread across platforms.

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