Top-performing Content Unlock – the most effective campaign created through PUSH

We’ve found our most successful Content Unlock. This is performing exceptionally well, so we want to show all artists out there just what can be achieved through and some clever ideas. It isn’t always a case of packing everything you can into one Content Unlock. Remember, less is more.

Top-performing Content Unlock

You can access the Content Unlock above by heading here

🔓 What is a Content Unlock?

A Content Unlock is a reward for certain interaction. As an artist you can create an unlock for any number of reasons. It is a digital file that can be downloaded so long as certain tasks are completed. You might decide to offer your fans a free single or a discount code to your merchandise. To get this reward you decide what they must complete. It could be that they have to follow your social media accounts and your Spotify or you might want them to subscribe to your YouTube account.

The choice is yours as to how many things you make them complete. You could offer multiple options and say they can pick two for example. Although you do need to bear in mind that the more you request they do, the better the reward needs to be really. It’s a little unfair having them jump through hoops to download something underwhelming.

🔓 What does this Content Unlock offer?

The Content Unlock featured above by Lil Uzi Vert offers fans the chance to download the release for free. A completely free single for no effort at all. All that’s required from you is to subscribe to their YouTube channel. It is such an easy process, it only takes a couple of clicks, and it’s done. Simply follow the link provided above, click on the download option, and it will ask you to subscribe to their YouTube account. From here, you’ll click on the red YouTube button which will take you to their account, and you then just subscribe as normal.

🔓 Why is this Content Unlock performing so well?

Quite simply, it’s a really fair deal. You get the content in a downloadable file. The song you want to listen to, is yours. For no cost at all. All that’s asked of you is to subscribe to their YouTube account. Think about how many YouTube channels you must have subscribed to along the way. As mentioned previously, Content Unlocks can request multiple actions, but this one only requires one. Which is more than fair for a freebie.

Fans aren’t required to complete lots of tasks to reap the rewards and the artist gets to build their YouTube subscribers. If you have a particular streaming platform you’re passionate about growing, this could be the way to do it. You’re more likely to see growth because rather than giving people options from a long list, you’re asking everyone to do just one action. This could be changed up with each Content Unlock. Once your subscribers have grown on YouTube, it could be time to move your attention elsewhere. Perhaps next time, ask for Spotify follows instead?

PUSH can offer you one Content Unlock for free. No hidden catch involved. Why not use this example and try it for yourself. Obviously we’re not suggesting copying this completely but figure out what platform is the most important for you and offer a good reward. Think about what your fans might want, it doesn’t have to be an audio file. Something that will make it worth their time. Try out our free version and if it has you hooked you can upgrade for just £4.99 a month which will give you an unlimited amount of Content Unlocks. If this is our top-performing Content Unlock, imagine how many subscribers this artist has gained through this.

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