Content Unlocks: 5 ways independent musicians & producers can creatively market their music

Growing your social following can be a long and difficult process. By using PUSH’s Content Unlocks, you can incentivize fans to engage with your content and socials.

Content Unlocks trade social actions for unlockable rewards, either as a downloadable file or as a secret message or link. You can set which and how many social actions your fans need to complete before they unlock their special bounty. 

This tool can be employed by a huge variety of creators. However for today, we will be focusing on how they can be creatively utilised by musicians, producers and labels. Other than free track downloads, what other tasty rewards can you offer your fans?

🧪 Remix stems

If you’re a music producer, why not offer your fans an opportunity to access remix stems for one of your tracks? Your fans can trade their social interaction for access to exclusive opportunities to make a remix for you. You can even turn it this offering into a remix competition. Encourage your fans to upload their remixes with a specific hashtag, and you can choose the winning remix; a win-win for you and the victorious remixer.

🎓 Exclusive tutorials

Educational content can be especially valuable to fans; they can learn about the techniques and processes they hear within your songs. In exchange for social interactions, you can reward fans with links to secret videos, such as:

👨‍🏫 Tutorials want to slip the secret of how you got the bass sound in your new song? Make a video showing your fans how you got that sound and tone.
Process videosprovide an insight into your working processes and methods working.
🐇 Tips and Tricksgive your fans your go-to tips and tricks that you swear by when making music.

🙊 Unreleased versions

Reward fans for streaming your new single or liking your social pages with access to an unreleased version of it! Acoustic/stripped back/demo versions of tracks make great exclusive content. You can always choose to publicly release these after running your Content Unlock campaign.

🎒 Sample packs

Recognise your fans’ loyalty and offer them a self-made royalty free sample pack or vocal acapellas they can use in their own music. If you’re feeling generous you could just allow them to download it without completing any!

📘 Lyric/artwork booklet

A great ‘thank you’ for fans engaging with your content and socials is to offer them a digitized lyric & artwork booklet. Either as a hyperlink or a PDF, you can design a booklet that will both match your brands’ aesthetics and help your fans connect with your lyrics.

These are just a handful of ideas to inspire you and help you get started using PUSH’s Content Unlocks. This powerful tool is available to all on our free plan with a generous 1GB limit and, if you decide you need more space, you can upgrade to a 50GB limit and other perks for only £4.99 a month. Head over to to get started.

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