Meta are introducing cross-posting from Instagram to Threads

Meta is making it easier for users to share on its platform, Threads. In a recent test, the company introduced a simple toggle option for users to cross-post from Instagram to Threads

Today, users noticed the cross-posting controls on their Instagram accounts. They could choose to cross-post a single post or enable the feature for all their posts. It’s been confirmed with Meta that the company is conducting a global test.

Allowing users to cross-post images from Instagram to Threads. However, this feature doesn’t extend to Reels, considering Instagram’s focus on video content. Still, Threads could become a great platform to showcase photography amid Instagram’s emphasis on video.

Meta emphasised that this cross-posting experience is optional, and users can disable it whenever they want. When users cross-post their Instagram posts, the captions will appear as text in the Threads post, and hashtags will be converted to plain text.

Meta has consistently promoted Threads through its other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Last year, it started displaying a carousel of suggested Threads posts on both Instagram and Facebook. Earlier this year, the company began testing cross-posting.

In addition to the cross-posting feature, Meta is also running a creator bonus program on Threads to encourage high-profile accounts to share content on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg mentioned on the Q1 2024 earnings call that Threads surpassed 150 million MAU.

It seems Threads isn’t quite as popular as it once seemed it would be. While the platform is still continuing to grow, it isn’t quite as spoken about as when it first hit the market. Perhaps this is down to lots being left undone. Not all features were there ready.

Instead, users found they had to wait for various features such as a following feed to be added. Rather than Threads waiting until the product was complete before launching, they launched a product in its early stages. This left users unsure on their opinions of the app.

While Threads have promised and delivered several features, users had to wait for these to drop. Rival platform Twitter already had these in place. Meaning, Threads didn’t show itself to be as strong as it had made out it would be. Is the cross-collab too late? sign up for free GIF
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