Meta has fallen – Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Threads are down

All the Meta platforms are down. Unfortunately, Meta haven’t released when they will be resolving this issue either. The outage started at 15:00 GMT on Tuesday 5th March 2024, but there’s no sign of it ending.

Suddenly, all of Meta’s platforms started to go down, one by one. There seems to be no real reason for this outage, but it’s left users frustrated. Mainly because there doesn’t seem to be any updates. When will the platforms reappear? Has anything been compromised during this outage? Will everything lost be recovered? Will drafts disappear?

With so many individuals and businesses relying on Meta’s various platforms, having a huge worldwide outage isn’t ideal. It seems Facebook and Instagram were the first to go and were then followed by Threads and WhatsApp. For many, these are the only source of promotion or marketing they have. Not to mention their main source of communication.

Brands, businesses and influencers all rely on direct messaging services that come from the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Without them, it could affect orders. Hopefully the outage won’t last for long. There is currently no update on when the issues will resolve, however. It seems users are seeing messages such as “session expired” or “unexpected error”.

Users are being prompted to log back in, as they have been logged out. However, upon trying to do this, they are unsuccessful. Almost like they have been blocked from their own accounts. The platform Downdetector shows outages from every online website, and currently it is showing over 160,000 reports of Facebook being down.

Add this to the 40,000 Instagram reports, and it’s not looking great. This isn’t even including WhatsApp or Threads. Currently, these numbers are correct as of the time of writing, but we’re sure by the time you see this, the numbers will have changed again. People are turning to X (formerly Twitter) to share their complaints. A large rival of Meta.

We’ll be continuing to keep an eye on the situation, and imagine it will be resolved soon. However, it’s not great, sending users straight back to X. Especially as Threads was created to rival Elon Musk’s new venture. Both app versions and desktop browsers are down, so there’s no escaping the unfortunate Meta outage of 2024. sign up for free GIF
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