X (formerly Twitter) changes algorithm to highlight small accounts according to Elon Musk

X which was previously known as Twitter is preparing to introduce some changes which will change the way we view the platform. The For You section is being updated to include smaller accounts you may have common interests with.

Although we all know it as Twitter, we need to get used to referring to it as its new name, X. So, let’s start as we mean to go on. X is undergoing some big changes. Elon Musk has posted about the updates that will supposedly help smaller accounts be seen.

Currently, X’s For You feed shows popular posts from a variety of accounts. They’re typically large accounts that you may not follow. Often accounts that are trending, or perhaps are relevant at the moment, even if not to you.

The posts that usually appear in your For You feed are a mix of these, and tweets from those accounts you do follow. However, now the algorithm is about to undergo some changes, which, Elon Musk says will benefit smaller accounts.

Posts and accounts that will be shown under this section will be friends and those you follow. Alongside these accounts, you will see mutuals. So, accounts that are within your friend’s network. Perhaps they follow and interact with them.

These accounts that are shown will be smaller accounts. They’ll be friends of friends, or small businesses your followers also follow. The aim is to increase the opportunities for accounts that typically may be overlooked. Elon wants X to become a creator platform.

Hopefully, this change will be beneficial to all small accounts. Those who keep their account privacy public might start to gain more followers as others begin noticing them. It’s interesting Elon Musk is doing something for the little people without payment…

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