Threads new trending topics feature has been leaked

Threads are currently working on a new feature which will display topics most spoken about under a trending section. Allowing creatives to get involved and discuss.

Threads is currently working on a new feature to enhance their app. They’re adding a method which will allow users to discover trending topics. As the platform was designed with creators in mind, this new feature could serve as extremely beneficial.

Trending topics will allow Threads users to see what most people are discussing on the app. This will allow them to get involved with industry discussions and share their views and opinions on a variety of topics. It could help build a community.

The only way you will meet other creators and begin to network is by getting involved in discussions. Social media holds so much power. Use it to your advantage and develop your team. The more conversations you get involved with, the more people you talk to.

Adam Mosseri, who is the head of Instagram, has confirmed Threads developers are working on a trends feature. So, we know for certain it will appear shortly. However, it seems the feature has been leaked before it could officially be announced.

Alessandro Paluzzi, who is a known leaker has shared screenshots of a feature titled “Today’s topics” which looks very similar to that of X’s “Trending Topics”. It’s been said this will display content which is being interacted with the most.

However, at this current stage, it seems industry professionals will be monitoring the feature. Threads wants to avoid random topics which aren’t useful from trending. For example, Taylor Swift AI. Anything that could do more harm than good. sign up for free GIF
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