PUSH.fm’s Fan Link auto-lookup tool now supports ISRCs

Music artists are always looking for new ways to promote their latest music. In our opinion there’s no better way than creating a free Fan Link, as it compiles all your streaming links under one URL. You can create one using just your track’s ISRC.

PUSH.fm's Fan Link auto-lookup tool now supports ISRCs:

A Fan Link is a customisable URL which allows you as a music artist to store all your streaming links in one place. It’s a digital housing system for your music links. Giving your fans, one easy to access place to find your music within their preferred store. However, previously, you needed either a streaming link, or your UPC to get started.

Now, all you need is your ISRC. You have multiple options. We’ve been able over time to make the process easier and easier for our users. We strive to improve our platform, and offer you the best tools we can. This is why it was important for us to work on allowing whatever release information you have accessible. No more searching for store links, or even your UPC.


PUSH.fm's Fan Link auto-lookup tool now supports ISRCs: Yellow background. In foreground is a laptop, plugged in to charge. On the screen is our auto-lookup tool showing an ISRC.

You might be thinking, but I have a UPC to hand, why wouldn’t I use that? You absolutely can, however, if you’ve ever wanted to promote just one track off your album, you will need to use your ISRC. Your UPC combines all your tracks within your album. Whereas, your ISRC will allow you to create a Fan Link for just one track.

Each track has its own ISRC, this is what separates them from each other. By inputting your ISRC to our auto-lookup tool, you will have all your store links in minutes. All you need to do is copy and paste your details, and we will do the rest. You’ll be presented with a list of stores where your track appears.

Then, you have the option of which stores you want to include. You can keep all stores available, or, turn certain ones off. This can be changed at any time. However, do keep in mind, if you want to use our Spotify track preview option, you will need to input your Spotify link to our auto-lookup tool. Your ISRC won’t work.

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