X Social Media are suing social media platform X

Confusing right? Absolutely. To make it easier to understand, X Social Media are an advert agency based in Florida. They’re suing X, formerly known as Twitter claiming their revenue has dropped due to the backlash from the social platform.

X Social Media are sueing social media platform X: X Social Media web homepage
Credit: X Social Media

Elon Musk has been in the headlines repeatedly since he first bid for the social platform Twitter (now X, but we’ll get to that). There’s no sympathy for his constant ridicule though, because he always makes bold choices which can only be met with opposition. His outbursts are often either offensive, or reckless. His former employees have a lot to say.

So, it’s no wonder other brands and businesses don’t want to be associated with Elon Musk and any company he runs. This is where X Social Media come in. Musk recently changed Twitter’s name to X, for no reason other than he likes the letter. With his platform being a social one, it’s no surprise people are mixing X Social Media, with X, the social media platform.

X Social Media

X Social Media are an ad agency based in Florida. They claim X, and those involved with the social platform are responsible for their name being tarnished. It’s believed Elon Musk’s team are violating common law due to unfair competition, trademark infringement and service mark infringement. All of this falls into Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act

The ad agency (XSM) has used their trademark X SOCIALMEDIA since 2016. They claim they have experienced a loss in revenue since Twitter changed its name. This is likely linked to changes Elon Musk has made to the social platform, along with accusations of him being racist and treating his employees appallingly.

It’s difficult at this point for anyone to say who will win this fight. It could be argued, X haven’t violated any terms due to their platform having its own name and own identity long before X Social Media was ever created. However, it would be nice to see the little guy win. Elon Musk has caused enough damage. Perhaps it’s time he was stopped.

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