An easy way for freelance Graphic Designers to earn money

Often, being a Graphic Designer can be hard. There’s the work itself, but the hardest part is finding the right work for you. Opting to go freelance is even more difficult, because you have no guaranteed earnings. That’s where we can help.

An easy way for freelance Graphic Designers to earn money: Person on a computer program looking at colour schemes while creating a mood board.

A Graphic Designer creates artwork in various forms. These forms could be anything from visuals for a website, marketing or email campaigns, to signage, logos, product information and more. Their aim is to communicate a message through visual mediums.

Through the use of colour, typography, and imagery, they have the role of portraying a certain feeling or encourage an action to happen. These pieces of art are created through the use of a computer and various software programs.

Individuals within the world of graphics need to be skilled artists. They should be able to draw and have a keen eye for detail, knowing what colour schemes work well and which contrast in the right ways for their clients.

They should be able to take a brief and add their own spin on it. Often a Graphic Designer will be self-employed. They’re usually working on a freelance basis and have various clients and briefs to work with. Time keeping is therefore a must-have skill.

How do Graphic Designers earn money?

Like any freelance position, a Graphic Designer will need to source their own clients. Many will have a client database, made up of people they have worked with before and could work with again. Networking is vital in a role like this.

Word of mouth is crucial. When one client is happy with your work, they’re likely to pass your name on to others needing someone within your industry. That’s why as a Graphic Designer, you have to be good with people.

Though your role isn’t a public facing one, you will find yourself relying on those who know you to help find more work. Otherwise, you can’t guarantee where your next job is coming from. You’ll find clients will ask you back when they have more work.

However, you probably won’t be producing content for them on a weekly basis. This keeps your job fresh and interesting with new clients and new briefs, but it does mean you could go months without work if you’re unlucky.

Finding new clients before your current project finishes, or, juggling multiple jobs at once is just one of the ways most Graphic Designers keep the money rolling in. It’s not an easy task though, many find it extremely tough.

Pay Links for Graphic Designers

One way we can help all Graphic Designers, new and experienced, is by making you aware of our free marketing tool Pay Links. They allow you to sell any digital product you like. They’re easy to create and unlimited.

These could be useful to any designer who is in between jobs, or, just as some extra income while working on a project. Once you’ve set one up, you can leave it running, so you don’t have to keep adding to it.

A Pay Link allows you to add your own price to your digital work, or, you can allow your audience to name their price and pay you what they can afford. This opens up your work to anyone and could help you find future clients.

Why not sell some Photoshop presets, or some simple graphics people can download and use on their creative content? If you’re designing it anyway, it might as well bring you some money. You could create a folder of little sketches you’ve made digitally.

Anything you can sell through a file, you can place within your Pay Link. Then, all you need to do is start promoting your links through your social media pages and other channels. Your unique URL can be placed into all your bios, so it’s easy to reach.

All it takes is the right clients to see your work, and suddenly you’ve landed yourself a contract. As you can set your own prices, you could even offer different tiered systems for your Pay Link content. Simple designs are one price, more intricate designs are another.

Our free Pay Links tool is unlimited. You can keep creating URLs as you go. They’re a perfect way of any Graphic Designer earning money for their designs. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend trying them for yourselves. sign up for free GIF
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