How musicians can grow their network through email marketing

Heading into the music industry, you have a lot to discover for yourself. You’re trying to create and produce your music as well as market it across social media and other platforms. Growing your network is a great place to start, it will provide you with the connections and tools you need to develop yourself further.

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Email marketing is a great way to grow your network and connect with other people within your industry. It may seem like we’ve moved a long way from the days of email communication, but it is still as powerful as ever. The difference now is, we can back up our emails with connections and links to our social media platforms that can speak for us too. Your email list is an instant route to other people within your industry. You can reach out to your audience easily in a way they’re more likely to respond to. It comes across as more personal.

You can get your fans to take immediate action through emails. Anyone who opts in to receive your mail wants to hear from you. They want the updates and latest information, so they will be happy to receive emails. Social media is a fantastic place to gain a following and support. However, emails are a place to strengthen those relationships. It’s a place to turn things more professional. This is in the long run will help grow your name within the music industry. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be boring. You need to enjoy creating it. Use it as a place to share and inspire your fans.

Be humble, be you

If people are choosing to interact with your newsletters and emails, they want to get to know you as an artist. Of course, you want to stay professional, however, it’s important you show the real you. Let people in, allow them to see the real you behind the mask. Your fans will follow you across social media platforms. They’ll want to see what you get up to in your every day life, along with what you experience as a musician. However, those who take the next step and subscribe to your mailing list are really dedicated to your work.

Let them see more than perhaps they would on social media. Tell them about the ups and downs of being an independent musician. Send behind the scene’s footage their way. Allow them to know secrets you might not put on social platforms. You have to think, why should they subscribe to your emails? Of course, they want to know what you’re getting up to, but if the content is the same across social media, then why would they also subscribe?

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Target similar audiences to your own

There’s no harm in checking out your competition and seeing who’s interested in their music. After all, you’re not producing the same tracks. Maybe you’re creating the same genre of music, but your sound will be different. Therefore, there’s no reason why a fan of one of yours can’t be a fan of both. It works both ways after all, you may have fans who could enjoy music from your competition too.

So, if you find a musician that creates a similar sound to yours, why not try and get their fanbase behind your sound? Reach out and try to connect. This will help you to expand your audience and in turn you’ll potentially gain more listeners and therefore more individuals who want to sign up to your newsletters. Encourage them to sign up to your email updates, and soon your network will start to grow.

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Keep your mailing list updated with new and fresh content

Ensure your content doesn’t get old and stale by keeping your mailing list updated. Any time you have new and exciting content coming, make sure you send it to your fans first. Let them know about your new adventures and challenges. If you’re working on a new track, why not include some behind the scene’s footage within your emails. Let them see the hard work that goes into creating the music they love.

People love to feel included, especially when it’s by someone they really respect. Having an updated email newsletter will encourage them to interact and stay following your work. They will want to know what you’re doing and how things have been going for you. Include new artwork or if you’ve had an artist photoshoot, let them see the footage from it. It doesn’t have to take extra time from your schedule as it will be things you have already prepared that you then add into your already structured emails.

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