How to market your brand for Halloween

It’s spooky season. Halloween is on its way. If you haven’t already considered your marketing plan, now is the time. Any niche can get involved with the holidays, if you know how.

The minute summer is over, the world moves to Halloween and your marketing should be no different. It’s important to stay relevant and move with the current time. If not, you could be left behind. Not using Halloween to your advantage means you’re missing out on a huge event. Even if you’re only adding small touches, we’d advise it.

There’s no need to completely change up your brand for one holiday, but small elements such as your Bio Link could easily be altered. In fact, we’d recommend changing this for each holiday. Once Halloween is over, it’s time to focus on Christmas, then New Year and so on. Depending on your target audience, you might focus on other holidays instead.

Halloween Smart Link examples

Above are just three examples of how to turn your Smart Link into something spooky. Depending on your business, you might decide to go all out and make everything Halloween themed, or, you might have a more subtle effect. When creating a Smart Link you can add your own custom store logos.

This is a great way of including a Halloween element within your landing pages. If you don’t want to make the entire link scary, change up your social media logos and add something simple. It shows you regularly update your links and your audience therefore know your URLs aren’t outdated. It’s also adding a fun bit of personality to your content.

Alternatively, if you’re a brand that caters to children, or perhaps organises events, you might decide to go all out. Maybe you’ll change your Feature Image or Background Image. There are so many customisation options that you can decide how much or how little you want to add. Create something spooky and exciting before Halloween comes around! sign up for free GIF

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