TikTok Bio Links – why are they not visible to some users and how to fix this

Many brands and businesses rely on Bio Links within their social media accounts to share more of their content or to direct their audience to their website. However, there are many TikTok users who cannot see Bio Links through no fault of their own.

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When it comes to expanding your audience, Bio Links are an important tool. They allow those who visit your page to see other platforms where your resources are available. Alongside this, they show someone what you’re about. The idea should be a Bio Link teaches someone who doesn’t know your company, who you are and what you can offer.

They should contain your business branding to remain fluid across all platforms. You can add as many links as required to a Bio Link, each landing page acts as a mini website for your company. A vital tool for many on social media, however not everyone can see them. For some time now TikTok users have been struggling.

Why some TikTok users can’t see Bio Links

At first it seemed to be a glitch. More and more users were reporting that they could not see URLs within any TikTok bio. However, as time went on, this did not fix itself. Users were advising others to update their app, ensuring it was always running on the latest version of TikTok. However, this didn’t seem to change anything.

Others were certain it was due to TikTok updates and would work itself out. Many even advised everyone unable to see Bio Links to report this issue to TikTok’s support who would be able to look into the issue. The more reports, the more likely they are to fix the problem. However, after time went on, things still weren’t fixed.

There has been speculation that the issue lies with device types. Again, this could be disproved as both Android and iOS users have struggled with this issue. As have those with new models of smartphones, and older models. There does not seem to be any connection with device types. Some users even thought it was down to age.

Under 18’s are protected on TikTok

Those under 18 are protected under TikTok’s guidelines and therefore people were sure this must be why they could not see Bio Links. TikTok clearly wanted to protect these younger users from potentially being taken to another platform that could be dangerous. Again, many users who were reporting the issue were well over the age of 18.

Privacy settings did not seem to matter either. It doesn’t seem to be anything to do with private accounts vs public ones, or any other settings people had. Unfortunately, as time has continued, the problem still exists for a lot of TikTok users. They simply see a bio and nothing more, even though most users can see the link underneath the bio.

It seems to be a case of, it is what it is unfortunately. TikTok must have received thousands of complaints since the glitch first came about, and yet, nothing has changed. Many users are still left in the dark and there are no answers. Across the internet it seems impossible to figure out a clear reason why, which leads to there likely not being a reason.

How to resolve the issue

Unfortunately, as annoying as it is for these certain users, there isn’t anything in particular they can do. However, there is something all businesses and brands can do to resolve their frustrations. If you want to ensure everyone can access your Bio Link and be directed to your website or other services, then you’ll need to ensure you’ve added your social platforms.

Add your social media accounts as actionable buttons within your profile. Once added, your followers and all visitors to your page will be able to see the relevant social button next to your bio. If they click it, they’ll be taken straight to that platform. There, they can see your bio which will likely contain your Bio Link.

Here’s how to add a clickable social button on TikTok:

  1. Head to the TikTok platform
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Select Edit profile
  4. Choose Add Instagram or Add YouTube
  5. Log into your chosen social account via the in-app pop-up
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Not only does it help you out, it helps your audience out. The more people viewing your Bio Link, the better. Also, they’re being sent to another of your social platforms. From there, they can access your website and other content. It helps those viewing your page too, because it means they can use a Bio Link like everyone else.

They can be sent to your website without having to search for it online. It is annoying because it takes another couple of clicks rather than heading straight from your TikTok bio to your Bio Link. However, it does get around the unpredictable stress that TikTok causes for many users. With there being no way to resolve the problem, at least there is a way around it.

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